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About the Production company Kanchan Media

About Buddhu Bhutum

Famed art-director Nitish Roy’s magnum opus “Buddhu-Bhutum” is based on Mr. Dakshinaranjan Mitra Majumder’s “Thakumar Jhuli” (Grandmother’s Tales). The book is perhaps the most read Bengali folk tale series with each and every short story in it getting the readers to a world of illusion and fancy.

A simple tale of fancy, Buddhu-Bhutum has every element in it. It focuses on the prime human traits, its strength and follies.

About the Story

The siblings Buddhu and Bhutum starts their epic journey against unknown evil to regain their rightful place not only in their kingdom but also in the heart of their father. A story dealing with love, longing, struggle for power, treachery, a fight between good and evil and ultimately the victory of good over evil.

About the Concept

The credit for the concept of the story goes to a number of people. They include all those nameless people who first told these stories to their children and grand-children for years. When these children grew up, they continued the tradition with their kids in the same manner. Between, we must say that they have great memories so as to remember these stories.

The rest of the credit was taken away by Mr. Dakshinaranjan Mitra Majumder who first collected these stories and published them under the title “Thakumar Jhuli” (Grandmother’s Tales).

About the Concept Story and Dialogue by Kaushik Bandopadhyay

Kaushik Bandopadhyay, the mechanical engineer turned lyricist and screenwriter is an experienced film and TV professional. Be it direction, script, camera or sound, his enthusiasm has never receded. His work in ‘BUDDHU BHUTUM’ has reached new scale in terms of story and dialogue.

To make a script out of a folklore is not an easy job and this difficult job has been smoothly carried out by Kaushik. He makes the script relatable and extremely convincing. His writing prowess makes the characters of the folklore our near ones and engages us emotionally.

Screenplay and Director Nitish Roy

Nitish Roy having made his mark as a production designer working in Bollywood for more than thirty five years, started directing films and TV serials in a parallel manner. Starting with EK POSHLA BRISHTI, followed by TOBU MONE REKHO, JAMAI NO:1 and HEARTBEAT (HINDI), GOSAIN BAGANER BHOOT, he has made nine feature films and BUDDHU BHUTUM is the ninth of the lot. All his films have been entertainment oriented and of varied taste. They have been colourful visually and emotionally.

About the Production Designer Nitish Roy

Nitish Roy is touted as an Institution in Art Direction and Production Designing. After designing scores of films in various languages from all across the world, preparing the sets of more than 5000 films and having the experience of working more than 2500 hours in TV serials, he needs no introduction. Not only in India but he has also worked in 21 Hollywood films like Gladiator, Salaam Bombay, Panic Attack and Bride and Prejudice etc.

The recipient of 3National Awards, Filmfare Award and a number of other awards, Nitish Roy has worked with maestros of cinema from across the world like Mrinal Sen, Shyam Benegal, Govind Nihalani, Kumar Sahani, Mira Nair, Gulzar, Raj kumar Santoshi, Vidoo Vinod Chopra, Roger Christian, etc. The experience he has gathered is the real jewel in the crown. In BUDDHU-BHUTUM, his meticulous planning is for everybody to see.


Bengali music aficionados are very much acquainted with the name Surojit Chatterjee. He is a well-known singer, lyricist, composer, music arranger and music director. His love affair with the world of music started from an early age. A proficient in guitar and tabla, he is proficient in a wide range of musical instruments like English flute, recorder, whistler, blues, harp, mandolin, banjo, castanets, dotara, dubki, khamak and whole lot of percussion instruments.

His work in Buddhu Bhutum showcases the man’s talent to the fullest. Each of the song is unique in its style, rhythm and rendition.

About Music and Songs

A folk tale requires a touch of folk music and Buddhu Bhutum retains the flavour of Bengali folk. A beautiful combination of Eastern and Western melody enthrals the audience.

The background score elevates the tension of the scenes.

About the Lyricists Surojit Chatterjee and Kamalinee Chatterjee

Apart from being the partner in life, Surojit and Kamalinee Chatterjee also share a relation through music. Surojit have been in this field for some years and rose to fame with his band “Bhoomi”. He also gave music to a number of Bengali films.

His better-half Kamalinee Chatterjee has also penned many songs not only for band “Bhoomi” but even for films and has won the Upcoming Lyricist of the year 2012 for the film Muktodhara, for the song ALO.

About the Director of Photography Mrinmoy Mondal

An alumnus from Govt. College of Art & Craft and Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, Mrinmoy Mondal have been trying to do something note-worthy in this industry for the last 7 years. His vast knowledge and practical experience in this field is slowly making him an expert. His sense of lenses and lighting is quite sharp.

His work in “Buddhu-Bhutum” has been unique provided the various settings of the film.

About the editor Maloy Laha

An eminent editor with great work in films like PRAKTON, Belasheshe, Icche and Ramdhonu etc.

About the Cast

The director focuses on the characters and keep his faith on some of the most experienced actors of the Bengali film industry. Kaushik Chakraborty, Locket Chatterjee, Koneenica Banerjee, Sanjeev Sarkar, Gautam Halder, Shankar Chakraborty, Siddhartha Mukherjee and Nipon Goswami hold the helm while new talents like Manali and Sujoy adds to the chirpiness and innocence of the story.

  1. Kaushik Chakraborty as the charismatic king of Biratgar | One of the most veteran and talented actors in Bengali film and television.
  2. Locket Chatterjee as Sohag | An actor with immense experience in this industry.
  3. Koneenica Banerjee as second queen of Biratgar, Rumki | Her fiery performance in numerous films and TV series have always absorbed the audience.
  4. Debolina Kumar as Sonamon | Famed dancer who is making forays in the films.
  5. Sanjeev Sarkar as the Demon king | The raw talent of Sanjeev Sarkar never disheartens.
  6. Gautam Halder as Birbahu | A very experienced theatre actor.
  7. Shankar Chakraborty as Mahamantri Bijoy Singho | Over the years, he portrayed varied characters at his best.
  8. Manali Dey as Bhutum | The actor who is making her presence felt with her sheer talent.
  9. Sujoy as Buddhu | The debutante who did everything right in this movie.

About the Supervising Art Director Projuri Ghosh

Yet to come

About the Costume Designer AninditanathPurkait

Ms.AninditaNathPurkait, a Textile & Fashion Designer had done her Masters in Textile Designing from Govt. College of Art & Craft, Kolkata (University of Calcutta) in 2007. She has working experience in various organizations dealing in fashion & textile designing like Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad. She has participated in a number of exhibitions of textile and fashion designing, attended seminar& workshops and had several project works to her credit like Dark Ride Complete Costume Beautification for Ramoji Film City in 2013.She is presently working as a Textile Designer for Tantuja (A West Bengal Govt. undertaking) from 2013 till date. She has worked wonders in BUDDHU BHUTUM with her retro concept and designing of the costumes of 80’s.

Assistant costume designers NandiniSengupta and SuchetaGhosh have amply aided her.

ZakirBhai has been great in costume execution and manufacturing.

About the Singers

The songs of BuddhuBhutum are not only unique in their lyrics but they have been made more beautiful by the vocalists

SurojitChatterjee, the music director of the film has also lend his voice.

AntaraChowdhury, daughter of composer and lyricist SalilChowdhury and SabitaChowdhury. Antara started her singing career at the age of seven and her Bengali nursery songs are extremely popular among children of Bengal.

LopamudraMitra is a prominent RabindraSangeet and modern Bengali singer-songwriter. Her voice is extremely popular among the Bengali masses.

Another of our female singer, Subhomita Banerjee is one of the most popular singers of Bengal.

Being handicapped cannot stop the real talent and SayaniPalit is a testament to it. An Indian classical and semi-classical vocalist, she is a treat to the ears.

The dance choreographer

The dance numbers in the film have been choreographed by Souji D.

About the Direction Assistants’ Team

The assistant direction team includes Dipankar Sarkar, Soumen Karan, Mrityunjoy and Subhashis Das (observor).

About The VFX team

Buddhu-Bhutum takes VFX, 3D and matte painting to a new level. With 90% of the film being designed in computer, Nitish Roy’s VFX team did something that need special mention. The team is led by supervising director Mr. Nitish Roy and consist of VFX Concept Designer Avishek Nath, VFX Team leader Mithun Dasgupta and VFX Production Supervisor Malabika Ganguly.
Modelling, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering: -
Avik Nandi, Susanta Nandi, Saptadeep Deb Roy, Subham Chatterjee and Santu Chakraborty.
Animator - Avik Nandi and Rajat Bhowmick
Matte Painting - Shubhendu Ghosh and Sanjoy Saha, Trishita Roy
Compositing - Samit Pal, Mani Bhushan Saxena, Arkajyoti Bhattacharjya and Tanmoy Pramanick
Roto -Soumi Deb Barman, Suparna Mukherjee, Avishek Chatterjee, Raja Mistiri and Arindam Paul

About the Production Team

Last but not the least, the rest of the production team who made the film happen, worked round the clock like machine. Production executive – Moumita Das, production manager Ashutosh Dandopat and Gobindo Naskar, account executive Prasanta Mondal, special art props Khayrul Islam, make-up designer SK. Azad Ahmed, Art setting by , shooting still photographer Shyamal Modak, Production runner, driver Sital, and the rest the camera team, the lighting team, the sound team and so many others worked so hard that no complement is enough. Kudos to the whole team of BUDDHU BHUTUM!

About Fight master B. Rajesh Kanan

The action sequences are done impressively by Fight master B. Rajesh Kanan.

Buddhu Bhutum Special Facts

  • 90% of the film is shot inside studio with green croma in background.
  • Only 10% of the film is shot in location.
  • VFX and computerised special effects create a real-life society of a time that we can’t recognise now.
  • Theatre actor Sujoy Kumar Saha debuts with this film.
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